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About us

Welcome to the professional photography website of SevBaeva.

I recall having my first camera at 14, SLR manual which i took with me to a summer camp as a peace of my luggage. After a few days I realized that I could not go even for a minute without it. I fell in love with my camera and since it was fully manual I learnt a lot in those old days.

 After so many years of using camera I moved to a more serious approach to my work. Based in London as a photographer and as a mother to my own cute daughter my focus has now turned to children photography

Children are such inspiring subjects to photograph as they grow up and change so quickly from new-borns, to toddlers exploring everything around them & living in the moment.

I now have several types of most professional cameras and cannot wait to hear from you.about us

 The Photographs can come to life and preserve from time thanks to stylish, expertly made and artistically presented professional photographs.

SevBaeva can do all for you. I am an enthusiastic and experienced photographer, who has the ability to capture the sincerest, unexpected, but full of amazing emotions moments to surprise you, to make you feel as happy as you were there any time you look at your photography memory. Although I believe that being a photographer is mostly an artist, but not a technician, I deal with the most modern and contemporary technique. To ensure our clients that all the details will be depicted on the photography session you order, I apply various focus, background, cropping and other similar techniques.

But honestly, I am not here to make pictures of you only...Indeed, you will become the main character of the whole photography story – depending on the occasion – but in my work I am always trying to capture and represent all the details around you and the environment you have chosen for your photo session. In addition to this, I always pay attention at the faces and emotions you beloved people express nearby you, because they are parts of your life. And they should be significant parts of your photographs, too.

About Us 2Please, entrust me your soul, your most sincere moments and your love to us and we will depict it in our photography work as beautiful as possible. I do care. And I do enjoy seeing happy faces and I want to make them look even happier and more touched that you thought they were. Do not hesitate to rely on me, when it comes to your birthday, wedding, newborn or any other special moment photography! I will find the best solution for you – that light that should be embracing your happy face and that magic that defines you and should be on your photographs! I want to do this! I want to show it to you!