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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy   Privacy policy SevBaeva

Privacy Policy Purpose
SevBaeva Privacy Policy is our company`s set of methods and alternatives for keeping all of your personal data at safe place, as well as the method of collecting it without disturbing you as a customer or your personal rights. With this Privacy Policy we aim to name obligations and requirements customers have, when using our website or ordering the services we provide on it.

Personal Information Collection

Collecting personal data of customers, who browse a particular domain address and URL is a practice any websites has. SevBaeva promises to collect only the necessary to our needs personal data information, which means it will be not used for any trading task or provided to a third party (with the exception of a special order from a police or state government organ in the name of justice and UK, as well as ES law). Mainly, we do collect facts about user`s IP address or domain name combination. At some stages of our administrative and customer support job we can also collect common information about your address, gender or age, telephone number or e-mail, birth date and etc. This is necessary in some on-going services we provide.



SevBaeva website uses a specially tailored tracking software to observe its users to better understand how they use it and what would they need for more simplicity and easy page navigation. This software is provided by Google Analytics and it is fully oriented to the philosophy used by cookies. Cookies let your computer hardware store specific files that contain information about your browsing, interest and internet activity (mainly the activity on the concrete website that uses cookies), but not any personal or bank card financial information. Cookies are usually automatically put into force by your browser, but there are options for users to turn them off. Even after doing so, they can fully take benefits and use the options of the website. Cookies are beneficial for the website owner, so he or she can follow your activity and offer you what you really need without interrupting you with useless and repeated advertisements. On the other side, this makes user`s activity more useful and meaningful.


Authorization and Copywrite Infringement

By agreeing with the terms and conditions of our website and after reading the whole text of our Privacy Policy clauses, you as a visitor of the page and as a customer of SevBaeva does agree not to copy any of this page text, file, image or conceptual idea files. You also agree not to delete (permanently or temporarily) any of the mentioned website elements, including not to provide it to a third party, with the exception of the case, when there is an official order by a state government agency or police department.


Communication and Contacts

Whether you need some additional or detailed information either about our website usage, or about SevBaeva services, you can use the available contacts to reach us. Note that all of the data you share with us due to your communication is preserved and guaranteed to be kept in safety by Data Protection Act 1998.


Inside Links

There is a big chance for you to meet external links inside SevBaeva website. They are all established, kept, provided and maintained by different than ours companies. Due to this we do not take any responsibilities in case any of the link is broken or does not provide you with the information you were looking for. We also ask you to be aware that all of the content and its files from the links are not organized and managed by us. We cannot be responsible for any fraud or violating content from the external inside foreign links.

Influence and Interaction with Social Media and Social Platforms

We strongly recommend you to be extremely attentive with the usage of your social media profiles. Even though you have reached our website through a social web advertisement or any link via it, please be aware that we cannot take the responsibility for all links to our website that are spread throughout the web.