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Babies & toddlers

Welcome your little baby to the world appropriately and with your biggest love! Show your tiny son or delicate daughter some special attention from the very first days of their lives. And don`t forget. Babies grow too fast and baby photography session is your only chance to preserve its first smiles,baby photographs appearance, steps or crawling, laughter and sincere moments with your and your partner. Understanding all of these and loving little kids so much, Sev Baeva is here to offer you the most touching and expertly arranged babies and toddles photo session ever! Dear mummies and daddies, make a picture of your little baby – it`s too cute not to! It`s too gorgeous, small and shiny not to preserve its lovely little face forever in your truly cute babies and toddlers photo session! 

The first moments with your tiny baby is indeed the most precious moment a parent can have. Whether you are a young mammy, or a proud dad, I am sure you would like to keep this moment forever. But your toddler will become big enough to reach the table and to hide from you, when you are trying to feed or dress it up quite soon. Up to then you can enjoy those sincere first events of the baby. And don`t forget to shot them! A photography of your small baby is a memory you will always love and watch to remember the times... As a professional photographer, who have shot thousands of people, I cannot lie that babies are the cutest models I have ever seen and had! Babies and toddlers are natural and camera really loves them. Once you see the first made photographs, you will figure it out! I already have and I would make your toddler or baby photo session with love. It would be a real honor for me!

baby portraitReach me as soon as possible, so you can be 100% sure that you haven`t miss the most suitable moment for the very first lifetime of your kid! I approach each individual toddler and baby with special attitude and individual understanding. Being so small and naughty yet, I know that before the beginning of the photo session the most important thing for me as a photographer is to get to know the baby at first. The photographer has the sweet, but not that simple task to build up a connection with the toddler. Only when there is such a connection, the photographer can get the best of the child. Thankfully, Sev Baeva has all the necessary skills, equipment and approach to toddlers, so your baby photo session will be even greater that you can imagine!

Make a present for your young family and keep the sweetest memory of your life for future! Toddlers and babies, Sev Baeva is coming and she has many photos to do with your cute faces and tiny bodies!