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Professional photography is my passion and by creating the customer-friendly photo studio – Sev Baeva – I have finally received the chance to be among the happiest moments people share and experience, next to their beloved people with the opportunity to feel their passion, respect and deepest love.Events photography london This is why, it is very important for me to be able to offer you event photography session service, too. This is the service I like and enjoy to get, because of its various element of different emotions, because of the solemn effect I need to add to the photographs and because these are the pictures, where I can fully invest my skill to find the right moment for shooting – a hidden tear on father`s face during his daughter`s wedding day, a warm hug between two old friends, who haven`s seen each other since the graduation at school, a touching shaking hand of a mother that welcomes her first grandchild to life after her only son`s has found a beautiful wife to make him the best gift ever – to give a birth of a kid. All of these emotions pass by fast and some of them even remain not seen or felt. But me as a photographer will capture them forever, will show them as the main accents of your professionally made event photography session.

The sessions in event category Sev Baeva offer you a variety of occasions to bookmark eternally in your home photo albums. I am here to provide you an expert photography work during your beloved person`s or your birthday party, baby shower, wedding, corporate events, family, school or university reunions, sports games or matches, anniversaries, promotions at work an whaterver occasion you believe that matters enough to be pictured forever. Each of the photographs are finely edited, added with special effect – upon request or if needed – as well as remarkably arranged chronologically for the overall photography session.

events photography canary wharfIt is important and recommended to use professional photographer during a significant, one-lifetime or solemn event. Only a real professional can feel the emotion that should be captured and can catch those elements that a regular guest or his consumer`s camera cannot. This is why it is always my job to get to know people that will be in the focus of the event in advance. I always speak to them and try to figure it out what they expect, so I can satisfy their requirements and to surprise them with some additional details in the final outcome. And shooting the whole event has been never the only job I take care. Because the afterwards selection of the pictures, the editing tasks and the final arrangement are even more complicated to be done and more special to work on!

I invite you to the world of the luxury photography sessions of all kinds of events. Be sure you will remember the important moments in your life. Be sure you will preserve them forever...!