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There is no doubt that maternity is one of the most precious, priceless and irreplaceable moments in a woman`s life. Even though pregnancy brings so much discomfort, pain and niggles, any woman enjoys it at a full value. Because carrying a new life inside your body is a magic that inspires and changes a woman in a way she becomes not only more mature, caring and loving, but also emotionally intelligent, devoted and smart enough to evaluate what really important is....maternity photography

Maternity as a period of a life any woman passes by is a memory not to forget. And if giving birth is usually accompanied by pain, efforts and a trance that it is harsh to be fully understood and realized, maternity as a more long-lasting, expecting and escalating process worth it to be felt, experienced and remembered. This is why maternity photo sessions are not only recommended for a woman to feel beautiful and attractive again, but also to keep those memories forever in a stylish and artistic way. Speaking of which, young daddies should really consider offer their expecting mummies such a great surprise – to appear on the focus of a professional camera and to be ensured that she will not stop living after becoming a mother. And she will not lose her fascinating feminine look. On the contrary – she will become even more feminine, impressive and pretty. And a pregnant woman really needs to feel and hear all of these!

Sev Baeva offers you a specially tailored maternity service that aims to put the expecting mother on a pedestal and thanks to the professional and modern photography skills I can do this, because all mothers do deserve it. I use contemporary technique to seduce the mother`s attention on my camera and as a result of more different, original and unique approach into showing the real beauty of a lady – her ability to bring new life – the photo sessions acquire those brilliant tiny accents of charisma, charm, fascination and natural beauty.professional maternity photography

I suggest the maternity session to be better scheduled for any time in a mother`s 32nd-36th week. This is the period of a pregnancy, during which the bump looks just gorgeous, but also right before that moment, when the woman starts feeling too uncomfortable and sometimes in pains, too. To ease the precious mother I also suggest both alternatives – inviting her in my own studio or coming straight to her flat or house, if she feels more convenient to remain at home. Last, but not least Sev Baeva photography studio does offer numerous amazing maternity photo session conceptions, but any woman can provide her own idea for a stylish photography look! By the way, I suggest all pregnant women to consider a relaxing maternity photo session, because, at least, finally someone will take care of their hair and makeup and they can feel like real women again!

Dear sweet mummies, rely on Sev Baeva for maternity photo session, so you can make this precious lifetime period of yours eternal and remembered forever!