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Our Photo Services


Propery photography canary wharfWhether you need to present your newly established business, or you are trying to sell a building, property images Sev Baeva photo studio offers are the best solutions for you and for any case. Property sessions are divided into two groups I will now present and explain to you, so you can get the full idea of my work, when it comes to shooting beautiful landscapes, arranging photography sessions for amazing places and creating the most wonderful natural or industrial backgrounds ever.

The first group of property images Sev Baeva provides is fully dedicated to your property session. Whether you have a flat to sell, a luxury house to give for rent, or you are a property manager or a marketing specialist in a real estate company, what you will need at first is a great pack of impressive and amazing pictures of your property to show and to boast with. My property photography work in this case includes overall shooting, which means a decent and sophisticated depiction of both – the interior and the exterior design. In addition to this, I am very prudent and pretentious, when it comes to finding the best daytime for shooting the architecture view of the property. Because some wonderful houses become even more wonderful during evenings, while other fascinating buildings appear more freshening and stylish in early mornings. All of these details will be conducted in my work, but of course, you as customers are also free to give me your ideas or requirements to follow.

interior photography canary wharfThe second group of property photography sessions I provide are oriented to the marketing, PR, advertising, digital or any other artistic presentation of your business, product, cause, website and campaign. I offer you original and shot personally by me landscapes, natural views, industrial scenery ideas or even partial surroundings to make your presentation job both – easier and more attractive. You are fully free to give me your conceptions about the property objects to shoot, but I am also here to give you some hints, too, if you have no ideas how to handle this task. As a result of my hard job you will receive high-quality photographs of buildings, properties, rooms and streets, natural landscapes and elementary areas to use for your customer-oriented campaign for more incomes, better performance on the market or socializing process with the audience.

interior photography londonIf you need another, third type of property photography session and it is not mentioned in this description, please contact Sev Baeva team. Me or any of mu consultants will reach you to discuss your personal cases. We will be very happy to help you with any property photography duty or idea you have. And we will be really motivated to realize and fulfill it with our help! If you have any additional questions or needs to learn more about my property photography services, talk to me – I am by your side!