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Family is the biggest treasure we have in life. We don`t choose our relatives, but at the same time, there aren`t other people we can love, admire, respect and care for more! This is why family memories are so sincere, precious and valuable. And even though, family is what we appreciate more than anything else, sometimes, only a memory of it can warm and cheer us up. A photography of the whole family can do that, but a whole photography session with the family is a masterpiece everyone deserve to make and owe!Families photography london

Sev Baeva is an artistic photography studio, where I work as the only photographer and the only designer of your family photo session. But you don`t need a whole team to be understood, to gather the whole family and to finally receive a creative presentation of your warmest relationships, incident loving touches, finest hugs and sweet kisses. As an expert in photography and a real lover of the intimate family relationship, I have created the top-notched family photography service, which all of you can take benefit of us in case of a special occasion, holiday or just a celebration of your reunion. In all cases, actually, you don`t even need a special occasion to make a family photography session. You only need some time together to spend and I will take care of the rest...

My family photography session is suitable to be made in my own studio, but also among a relaxing, natural or even more city environment. As a client, you are and your family will be also offered with numerous options like portraits or motion photographs – pictures taking during your activity, game or just a conversation. Tell me your personal conception for a family session, if you have such, and we can arrange it together. And don`t worry about things like duration, weather at the outdoors or the decor. My family sessions always focus on people`s emotions more than the environment. However, establishing a good background and providing refined details at the photographs, has been considered as a big plus in my photography studio, as well!

Feel free to contact me, when you are ready with your family photography idea or let my professional skills and experience to take care of it. Get in touch with me to arrange all of the details and prepare your family members for an artistic and really, really enjoying and entertaining photography session. All the equipment is handled by me. Special effects and corrections on pictures are available upon request. I am waiting for you, happy families! And I am dying to make some pictures of you all!

Come with your smiles – the rest is on me!