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Sev Baeva offers you the exclusive service for children photography session. I am happy to announce you that this has remained to be the most orderedChildren photography photography service and I am really, really glad about this fact. What I enjoy about my photography job at most, when it comes to sessions, is by all means taking pictures of children. Whether yet small and barely walking, or grownup teens, I am in love with the feeling of being next to them and creating amazing photographs with their beautiful and innocent faces, naive looks and child`s face expressions. And if you are enjoying looking at your children`d pictures, too, please, entrust me the honor of offering a professional artistic children photo session.

In order to offer perfect final outcome I always spend lots of time in children photography session preparation. This process includes finding the most suitable environment for the background of your kid`s portrait or a whole collection of her or him playing, having good time or for instance, reading a book. But what is really important for me as a photographer is to get to know your kid at first. This is how I get an idea for my work in advance and when the shooting action comes I feel encouraged and motivated enough to create the best children`s pictures ever. In addition to these, I usually offer both – to kids and to their parents some conceptions for special effects. Although, my personal opinion is that a sweet child does not even need any special additions to the photography session. Children are sweet, attractive and impressive enough in their natural look. However, there are more original and creative photo session conceptions that do require decors and special effects. In all cases, they will be all conducted to you, if you have any special instructions or requirements. But you are also free to rely on my personal expert judgment. Trust me, I will not let you down!

Children portraitPreserve the most tender moments you have at home – with your sweet child. Changing of the clothes is allowed and if you want more various pictures, we can also change the interior environment, too. Natural landscapes, as well as funny playgrounds are extremely common backgrounds for children photography session. But if you want something really more original, Sev Baeva will think it off!

In most cases the sessions with children can last longer than the occasional photography sessions of maternity or romantic couples for instance. I do not extra charge in case of an extra prolonged duration of the session. All I want to do is to make the session ideal. I invest my entire energy and talent and I know you will definitely appreciate my work. So, let`s do it – bring your child and have it on the most touching photography session ever!