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Welcome to the professional photography website of SevBaeva.

I am here to fulfill your aesthetic dreams of beautiful intimate moment capturing. Because a memory is a thing that nothing and no one can take away from you. It is the gem you can always keep in your heart and your soul. But from now on and thanks to the professional photography skills of SevBaeva team you can also have a material piece of it, to...

Because that is what photography is made for! To help us reverse the time, when we need to go back to those amazing family or romantic moments, when we were ourselves, when we were pleased or in love, crying from happiness or smiling at a full value. All those family moments like giving a birth, celebrating love in a fancy wedding, being with your beloved people during your funny birthday parties, solemn anniversaries or sharing happiness for promotion, new house acquisition and etc.

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Our services

SevBaeva can do all for you. I am an enthusiastic and experienced photographer, who has the ability to capture the sincerest, unexpected, but full of amazing emotions moments to surprise you, to make you feel as happy as you were there any time you look at your photography memory. Although I believe that being a photographer is mostly an artist, but not a technician, I deal with the most modern and contemporary technique. To ensure our clients that all the details will be depicted on the photography session you order, I apply various focus, background, cropping and other similar techniques.

Speaking of which i work 365 days per year – including weekends and holidays,to capture best memories of your life, so be my guests to take the benefits of my photography services!